We’re so connected to our phones theyr're become an extension of who we are. Moto Maker takes things one step further, allowing people to design their Moto X to match their own unique style.

With hundreds of color and feature combinations, Moto Maker is a powerful customization tool the likes of which have never been seen before for a cell phone.


Responsive design

People shopping for their new phone might visit the site from their computer, tablet, even their old phone. Moto Maker was designed responsively, functioning flawlessly on any device.


Web GL

The use of WebGL, the site creates real-time rendered, interactive 3D graphics that run in a web browser without the need to download or install any additional plugins.



Moto Maker’s intuitive UI turns what could be a cumbersome and intimidating process into one that is striking in its simplicity.



The press agreed: Moto Maker is a stunning leap forward, and unlike any other customization tool available.

“Easily the most impressive part of the Moto X package
though is how users can customize it using MotoMaker app”
“The MotoMaker tool itself is beautifully designed
and incredibly simple.”
The Verge
“The Moto X with MotoMaker is a cool step forward in phone customization,
and I think people will have a lot of fun with it...”
PC Magazine


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6 min+ Engagement time
3x increase
4x Decrease in bounce rate